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Here are Free practice sessions:

"Easy Start" practice - Morning

Every Tuesday, 08:30 AM Central Time (US and Canada), click to register:

"Easy Start" practice - Evening

Every Wednesday, 05:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada), click to register:

What does a typical practice session look like?

It's a Zoom call with a few people facilitated by an experienced negotiation practice host.

Agenda may include:

- Examples

- Demo

- Networking

- Discussing lessons learned

A typical flow of the session:

- A mock scenario is given, for example, "You have a neighbor who is very noisy and doing projects during the hours when you have calls with important clients. How can you talk to your neighbor about it and agree about quiet hours?"

- Then facilitator explains a specific strategy and conversational pattern that will be practiced during this scenario, for example, Labels.

- Then, everybody starts practicing for 10 minutes.

- After that - sharing the takeaways.

Who attends?


- Managers

- Entrepreneurs

- Consultants

- Lawyers

- Scientists

And all other kinds of professionals.

The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.

How to prepare?

No preparation is required.

Even if you do not know about negotiation and influence, you can learn, practice, and leave the session empowered by new skills, abilities, and opportunities.

Just click on the links above to register and receive an email with the Zoom link.

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