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What practice sessions are available?

Each week, we have most of the following sessions (depending on the week):

- Getting More (based on FBI hostage negotiation tools by Chris Voss's "Never Split The Difference" book)

- Start with NO (based on Jim Camp's system for corporate negotiation and sales)

- Crucial Conversations (based on Joseph Grenny's conflict resolution and accountability system)

- Anti-bullying techniques and psychology of conversations

- Controlling emotions and feelings

- Reflective Listening tools of Hotline counselors

- Tonality and elicitation

- Real-life negotiation preparation

- De-escalation techniques for building dialogues and controlling crisis situations

Members' success stories - successful negotiations

What is included in the basic membership package?

Our basic Bronze package includes:

- Access to all practice sessions ($800 /month value)

- Access to Slack community ($200 /month value)

- Exclusive Community discounts for Community training events ($2000 /year value)

Total value: $3000

You get all of this only for $29.95 a month - the price of a single dinner in an average restaurant.

The first month is a FREE trial.

You will receive 2 notification emails: 10 days and 1 day before the first payment. You won't miss it.


Pay for a year and save $60 (it's like getting 2 months free!)

And get a Bonus: a year of access to all training classes ($120 value)

Learn from and practice here with us.

Who is practicing in our Community?

There are all kinds of professionals in the community: sales professionals, real estate agents, lawyers, managers, business owners, coaches, psychologists, scientists, and others who recognize that their communication skills are important for growth and success.

What does a typical session look like?

It's a Zoom session, typically 1 hour, facilitated by a Community Host, an experienced member practicing negotiation for over 3 years.

What can you expect as a result of the first few practice sessions?

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