Business Relationships Coach

More Effective Business Partnerships

What's possible when the science of ethical influence meets the effective communication system:

  • Quicker customer engagement
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Larger contracts
  • Higher margins

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Business Relationships Coach All rights Reserved 2024

Business Relationships Coach All rights Reserved 2024

Business Relationships Coach All rights Reserved 2024

Business Relationships Coach All rights Reserved 2024

"Welcome to the Business Relationships Coach page. I'm delighted that you've decided to visit and committed to helping you succeed."

- Vladimir Bushin

If you experience:

  • Less than 10:1 conversion rate
  • Hard to meet new prospects
  • Prospects are ghosting you
  • Prospects think they know enough without you
  • Undecisive prospects
  • Clients don't open up for you
  • Clients do not show up for appointments
  • Low referral rate or no referrals at all
  • You don't know if you leave money on the table
  • You give large discounts to win business

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Knowledge gives you vision. Skills give you power.

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More about me:

I am Vladimir Bushin, an Ethical Influence, Negotiation, and Relationships coach.

I help professionals in corporate environments achieve their goals when communication and relationships are getting in the way.

I'm also an Empathetic Agile coach. I build effective teams in IT companies.

I have over 20 years of experience working with teams.

Last seven years, I worked in highly regulated segments, including healthcare, insurance, and financial services.

I’m a certified Agile Coach and Crucial Conversations trainer.



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