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My name is

Vladimir Bushin

Ethical Influence & Negotiation Coach

If you experience:

  • Getting stuck in difficult business relationships
  • Not getting promoted for a few years
  • Challenges in your family relationships
  • Not being taken seriously or ignored

I look forward to helping you.

• Want a raise but don't know how to ask?

• Not satisfied with your career progress?

• Hard to get into that dream leadership role?

• Making presentations with no buy-in?

• Not enough confidence to be noticed?

• People overstepping your boundaries?

• Not connected to all the senior leaders yet?

• Don't have a mentor in your organization yet?

What if you could solve all the above and progress to the next level in your career?

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About me

I am Vladimir Bushin, an Ethical Influence, Negotiation, and Relationships coach.

I help professionals in corporate environments achieve their goals when communication and relationships are getting in the way.

I'm also an Empathetic Agile coach. I build effective teams in IT companies.

I have over 20 years of experience working with teams.

Last seven years, I worked in highly regulated segments, including healthcare, insurance, and financial services.

I’m a certified Agile Coach and Crucial Conversations trainer.



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