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Program Outline

1. Introduction

Research from LinkedIn shows that persuasion is one of the top 5 in-demand power skills in today’s professional workplace. This first module explains why. You’ll also gain critical insights into the science of persuasion, laying a solid foundation for everything you’ll learn in this program. This is your first step to becoming a true expert.

2. Processes and Ethics

Understanding the seven Principles of Persuasion will help you achieve better results. But you’ll be even more successful if you apply them according to the science-based processes that you’ll find in this second module. Perhaps even more importantly, you’ll learn how to apply them in an ethical way.

3. Contrast

Before taking a deep dive into the Principles of Persuasion, we’ll address the contrast phenomenon. In this module, you’ll learn all about the power of contrast and the best ways to use it as an amplifier for each of the seven Principles of Persuasion. Consider it a small gift to you as a future member of the elite of influence…

4. Reciprocity

In the fourth module, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of the science behind the principle of reciprocity and its practical applications. You’ll encounter the "hidden gems" of the world of influence: the activators and amplifiers that engage and boost the Principles of Persuasion. You’ll learn how to master them not only for reciprocity in this module but also for the other principles in the following modules, giving you a unique competitive advantage over those who haven’t enrolled in this program.

5. Liking

You’ll like this fifth module on liking! You’ll learn how to use the commonly recognized principle of liking in novel and nuanced ways for negotiation and other persuasive purposes. Moreover, as you will in all the other principle modules, you’ll install what you’ve learned into your personal Action Plan. This means you can put those lessons into practice and get results right away.

6. Unity

Dr. Cialdini uncovered this Principle of Persuasion relatively recently and added it to the expanded edition of 'Influence' in 2021. So, after completing this sixth module, you’ll be a part of the elite of influence that understands and applies this principle by harnessing the feeling of “we-ness,” which will lead to assent from others. Speaking of unity…

7.Social Proof

Professionals in the online world often say that the social proof principle is their most productive. In this module, you’ll learn how to leverage its force both online and offline. And again, you’ll walk away knowing effective activators and amplifiers and how to avoid common social proof mistakes that even major brands often make. But not you, ever again!

8. Authority

The authority principle is another booster of success. In the eighth module, you’ll learn the science behind it and how to apply it efficiently, effectively, and ethically. We promise the official Cialdini certificate will significantly add to your authority. You’ll want to display it on your office wall, on your desk, or in the background of your online meetings. Why? This module provides the evidence.

9. Consistency

People want to be—and to be seen—as consistent with their existing commitments. In this ninth module, you’ll discover what activates and amplifies this drive. You’ll also learn how to incorporate it smoothly into your everyday persuasive appeals.

10. Scarcity

You’re no doubt familiar with FOMO: the fear of missing out. In this last module, you’ll see how this phenomenon caused a product that usually sold for $3.95 to sell for $250. Sound too good to be true? Not by this stage of the program. By now, you’ll fully understand that applying the science of influence can lead to incredible results. You won’t want to “miss out.”

Final Exam

This is an online exam approximately 30-45 minutes in length. The questions are not so much about testing your factual knowledge but about assessing your skills in applying what you’ve learned in the modules. To pass, you need to answer 70% of the questions correctly.

Don’t worry—if you prepare for the exam thoroughly, I'm confident you’ll make it.

What Influential Business Leaders Say

What's unique about this opportunity?

  • The only official online Cialdini program
  • 100+ videos where Dr. Cialdini explains all the details of Influence
  • Entirely based on Dr. Cialdini’s scientific research that Warren Buffett, Joe Polish, and Tim Ferriss have praised.
  • The official certificate, signed by Dr. Robert Cialdini himself (catch this opportunity before it's too late).
  • Exclusive information about activators and amplifiers of influence that is not available anywhere else.
  • Instructions on creating opportunities to influence and using timing for maximum efficiency.
  • Detailed description of common mistakes.
  • Numerous examples of applying each principle.
  • 6 live sessions with Dr. Cialdini or Senior Teaching Partners of Cialdini Institute where you can ask your questions.
  • Access to the practice community with members applying these principles on a daily basis.
  • Personal coaching with Cialdini Certified Professional (Vladimir Bushin) to work on your influence challenge.

Pick a Program Package That Speaks to You




Or in four monthly installments (4 x $399)

  • Self-paced online learning with 100+ short instructional videos with Dr. Cialdini himself
  • Real-life business examples
  • Full course access for 365 days
  • Pre-assessment before final exam
  • Official Certificate signed by Dr. Cialdini
  • Official Ethical Influence Practitioner badge for your LinkedIn profile
  • 6 live sessions with Dr. Cialdini or other Senior Teaching Partners answering your questions
  • 1-hour individual coaching session to plan your growth from Vladimir, a Licensed Ethical Influence Professional
  • 3 months of free Negotiation Practice Community membership
  • Community discounts for online training events delivered by Vladimir
  • Access to Zoom calls with Community special guests (typically highly experienced negotiators or trainers)





Or in five monthly installments (8 x $325)

  • All benefits of the Certified Practitioner Plan
  • 3 individual coaching sessions to increase your influence, find new opportunities, and grow your profits (with your coach, Vladimir, a Licensed Ethical Influence Professional)
  • An individual report with recommendations for the next steps after each coaching session
  • Mastermind 8-week Group Coaching in 7 Principles and 1 Amplifier (with your coach, Vladimir, a Licensed Ethical Influence Professional)
  • A year of access to with online negotiation videos from Chris Voss, Daniel Pink, and 100+ other training courses (as part of the Negotiation Practice Community membership)



Special offer

  • This is a solution for your business if you purchase 10 licenses or more.
  • I will lay out multiple options for training, coaching, certification, and solving influence challenges for your team and your business.
  • I will offer you an attractive deal customized to the needs of your business and your team.

Your coach:

Vladimir Bushin

Cialdini Certified Professional

Experienced Coach and Corporate Leader

Vladimir is a Cialdini Certified Professional, practicing Ethical Influence, Negotiation, and Business Relationships coaching.

Vladimir is the founder of the Negotiation Practice Community, with almost 500 members practicing advanced communication skills.

He's been facilitating negotiation practice sessions since March 2020 and has trained a few dozen people in the art of Crucial Conversations, negotiation, and building effective business relationships.

Who will benefit in particular

  • Senior decision-makers
  • Negotiation partners
  • Marketing and Sales professionals
  • Agile Professionals
  • Senior Managers
  • HR Leaders
  • Small business owners
  • RE agents and investors
  • Solopreneurs


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