7 Levels of Nurturing™

Master Mind Group Coaching

Includes access to the online course with dozens of videos.

Harness understanding of what drives people on the deepest levels
Learn to connect and uncover critical information for mutual success.

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Interactive Zoom call experience with exercises to build your skills

Includes Online self-paced course.

Each session has a handout and homework so you can continue improving your skills.

All sessions are recorded so you can get back and watch them again.

Includes 3 months of free access to the practice community.

Includes a certificate of completion.

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"7 Levels of Nurturing"™

8-Week Group Coaching

Every Tuesday, July 9th - August 27th, 12:30 pm CT

* This price is only for individuals.

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Week 1: Advanced Reflective Listening

- Label on multiple levels

- 5 rules of Reflective Listening

- Common mistakes to avoid

Week 2: 7 Levels of Nurturing™

- Nurturing concept

- 7 Levels of Nurturing™ model

Week 3: Building deep rapport

- Direct labels

- "You" labels

- Examples of connecting on deep levels

Week 4: Transformational Change

- What transformation is and what it isn't

- Accomplishing transformation

- Shaping Identity and Purpose

Week 5: Influencing decisions

- 5 obstacles to influence

- Storytelling and influence

- Overcoming defensiveness

Week 6: Negotiation prep strategy

- Defining goals

- Doing research

- Forming agenda

- Creating strategy

- Selecting tools

Week 7: Labels for the mindset shift

- Process of creating powerful labels

- Basic human needs

- Creating a mindset shift for yourself

- Causing a mindset shift for others

Week 8: Putting it all together

- Review all topics

- Knowledge check

- Secret tool to exceed human capacity