7 Levels of Nurturing™

Online Course

Harness understanding of what drives people on the deepest levels
Learn to connect and uncover critical information for mutual success.

This is an Online Course with dozens of video lessons and additional resources.

Each session has homework so you can continue improving your skills.

In case you are not happy with the course within 30 days after it starts,

I'll return your entire investment.

This is what the students say:

"7 Levels of Nurturing"™

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Lesson 1: Advanced Reflective Listening

- Label on multiple levels

- 5 rules of Reflective Listening

- Common mistakes to avoid

Lesson 2: 7 Levels of Nurturing™

- Nurturing concept

- 7 Levels of Nurturing™ model

Lesson 3: Building deep rapport

- Direct labels

- "You" labels

- Examples of connecting on deep levels

Lesson 4: Transformational Change

- What transformation is and what it isn't

- Accomplishing transformation

- Shaping Identity and Purpose

Lesson 5: Influencing decisions

- 5 obstacles to influence

- Storytelling and influence

- Reducing defensiveness

Lesson 6: Negotiation prep strategy

- Defining goals

- Doing research

- Forming agenda

- Creating strategy

- Selecting tools

Lesson 7: Labels for the mindset shift

- Process of creating powerful labels

- Basic human needs

- Creating a mindset shift for yourself

- Causing a mindset shift for others